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Wednesday June 29th 2016, 04:25 PM
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Poinsettia Collection
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  Poinsettia Collection
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Poinsettia Collection

Poinsettia Hurricane Lantern Candles are available in seven sizes and three popular shapes. All candles come pre-packaged with tempered glass votive holder and votive or t-lite candle and full instructions.

PAYMENT: VISA / MC accepted for North America.
INTERNATIONAL BANK DRAFT in Cdn funds accepted for all other International Orders.
SHIPPING: Shipping costs are determined by "cubing" and not by weight. For wholesale orders we will contact you with the exact shipping costs.

Please submit Christmas orders by October 25, 2005.

Price: from Can$ 20.00 to Can$ 35.00 (Convert Currency)
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(The required minimum combined order of Beez Neez Candle & Gift products is Can$ 35.00)
Additional images:
Poinsettia Medium Hex

Poinsettia Medium Oval

Poinsettia Medium Round

Poinsettia Small Hex

Poinsettia Small Oval

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