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Tuesday June 28th 2016, 12:44 AM
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Shi Studio Accessories
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  Shi Studio Accessories
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Shi Studio Accessories

Epiphany Designs and Shoko introduces our new line of glass and textile fusion accesories; Shi Studio accessories. The pendants glow with the inherent sheen of the silk brocades of dynastic China. Fifteen shapes and over twenty different silks create an enchanting diversity of personal treasures. Shi Studio now has belt buckles and earrings available as well.

Due to the individual character of each pendant, we showcase a range of our little creations. Prices include 16" silver omega wire chains. When ordering please contact us for an update of the colours and shapes available or visit our dedicated Shi Studio website at www.shistudio.com

Price: from Can$ 42.00 to Can$ 56.00 (Convert Currency)
  Shipping Canada: Can$ 7.50
Shipping US: Can$ 10.00
Shipping Outside: Can$ 10.00

(The required minimum combined order of Epiphany Designs Stained Glass products is Can$ 14.00)

Epiphany Designs Stained Glass
Epiphany Designs Stained Glass
Cory Judge, of Epiphany Designs, is a Victoria... more
Phone: 250-370-5125
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